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Versuri Train Robbery

[Kool G. Rap] Down the subway stairs, straight through the turnstyle No smile, but I'm waitin in the station for the 7 to turn it wild Me and my three shorties, guzzlin forties We're bout to rob and steal and get real fuckin naughty One carries a three pound, the other a four-fifth Both ready to buck and ain't nuttin to be fucked with It's dark and it's midnight, the police in dead sight Look through the fuckin tunnel and I see movin headlights Fuck it I cock the baretta back and put my hood on My shorties are game, I got the same shit they put on Impatiently we're waitin for the doors to open Got on the train we're car from car but not too far I started scopin Starin at this bitch for a minute My man pulled out the mag, opened the bag and said, Put all your fuckin money in it! Even the jewelry on the hands He slapped the bitch up, and she cried, and begged him not to take her wedding band Now everybody's in shock, and I'm walking past the scared ass passengers with the nine millimeter cocked Lookin for who was next And sittin by the pole was a old ass man wearin a Rolex I took the shit and hit the bastard hard Ripped his pants clean off his ass and got the Visa and the MasterCard My little man said, A-yo check this, he pointed at this bitch who looked rich, wearin a long pearl necklace Word to God, she got my dick hard, and that was the truth So I drug her ass inside the conductor's booth As the hoe started to shout, I threw her on her knees and made her freeze and put my dick inside her pretty mouth All of the sudden I just, nutted Pulled up my pants and zipped up She's on the floor with her mouth flooded Came back out with the iron *gun shot* The next motherfucker to move, is dyin! The train came to a stop, and who gets on it to ruin the whole plot, was a motherfuckin cop He fired at me -- I fired back at him God damn, I almost had him In a flash, my little shorty's on his ass Got down on the ground, and let the three pound blast Lead went dead in his chest Tore him a new asshole, right through his bullshit vest But the pig was still breathin I wanted to finish him off, but I said, Fukkit, I'm leavin Grabbed the sack hit the track and started runnin Ohhh shit! More fuckin cops comin! So I stopped and took a shot Hopin the cop got popped but yo I didn't see nobody drop Headed straight into the exit, and out in the street police outside like fifty deep So I started to creep but I didn't sleep Spotted this bitch pullin up in a Jeep How sweet! Now get the fuck out the car! Slammed the bitch down on the tar, now she needs CPR but I don't give a fuck, I just jetted My man said set it, two more detectives got wetted As we raced down the block Lettin off a whole lot of shots and didn't stop Police gave us a chase, a blue and white rage My shorty got grazed in the face Another cop tried to let off, I put another clip in my shit and blew his motherfuckin head off Stomped my foot on the gas pedal Sparks are flyin and shit, from the bullets hittin the car metal So now we just runnin The shorties and me G, one of the three gunmen Side by side we're on the highway, and lettin off shots The three outlaws, against the cops It's like a fuckin adventure About four cops got dropped, three motherfuckers got injured The last of the cop cars pressed up My man aimed the joint, the hollow points tore his fuckin vest up I put a slug inside the tire They ran into a tall-ass wall, now it's great balls of fire So now we got away clean, yeah Smilin like a motherfucker countin the green You can't fuck with the kid My boy started thinkin back on the train bout all that shit we did Leavin niggaz in poverty Three black motherfuckers pulled off a great train robbery Took all those motherfuckers ducats But hey, what I can say, life is a bitch so FUCK IT muzica straina asculta mp3 Kool G. Rap And DJ Polo versuri versuri cuvintele. ultima melodie mp3 Train Robbery piesa ultima melodie.

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