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Versuri Daddy Figure

(Talking) whasup girl?, I know that ya man and all but yo, what you see in that nigga? you need to get with a nigga like me, for real, does he got one of these GS-4's? Navigator system and everything, word up.... Chorus - (Singing) Thats all I wanted, was someone special, someone sacred in my life, Baby won't you be my Daddy Figure...... Verse 1 I regulated you from fake dudes to lake views minks with laced jewels nails, hairdo's and facials placed you in snake shoes did it up right, took the six night seven day cruise the beige creludes your pockets stay full, upgraded you, made me wait too I made you my suede boo, main chick, wifey and Angel put ten Karrots on your wrist, five on your ankle my whole angle, allow you in my triangle to shine and twinkle, eat steak off a platinum single these other cats is rectangles, they sweat bad girls they Bullwinkles, tricks of Rip Van Winkles but now you mingle with a real cat that gets the Pringles and all you gotta be is thankful that we can see the sea food menu's push whips, hit all the venues fly gear sharp as Ginsu's stare at the other pairs of gym shoes as long as you continue, to keep it genu never pretend to, I know its in you the true Mommi, jigged out female Armani with tight Nani, sippin' on Cristal and Donny roll with mad Parmesani pretty the most, no lactose, had to play you close fataly attracted like Glen Close made other men ghost staright overdose of high post you rollin' with me, rich mans wife live your life in luxury, deluxe VP's hologram covered T.V''s 300 E with the CD sip Martini's in Tahiti Jamaican Rum inside the Kiwi play the major leagues, them other cats is pee-wee they see me and you boo, plush cribs in Malibu I'll profile with you, push my whip a mile or two you can have it all 'cause I like the style in you all you gotta do is be real and stay true chill in the Jacuzzi with the G tatoo by ya lap boo we can run around and act fool your Daddy Figure, the one that got love for you kid.... Chorus 2X Verse 2: Yo, we could sip ale on rocks sail on yachts rock the Rolex watch with hail on top boot knock, eat Lobster tail on docks Cristal inside the ice pail dont stop drop top, SEL, cell on lock gift shop, come out of Bloomingdales on cots you think not? you could see though go from Moschino to Tuxedo's as long as you only fuck me though house with the twin gazebo's Ceelo's, with the Champaigne orders by the waters of Puerto Rico peep the live show featuring Tito rockin' your fly Donna's private jet to the Bahamas you still knockin' all the Mommas premadonna on the set mad fly jewels around the neck cut perfect the linen skirt set didn't even flip the long Sable fur yet the iced out burgette with the matchin' purse set five thousand when the Shanelle was purchased strictly for the purpose I stress you to roll with mine lookin' live close from a day old drive, push a five jet ski drive, skooba-dive live not survive, tryin' to keep it alive watch the sun rise, clear blue skies too fly the sunshine got the ice blindin' your eye high priced merchandise shipped over shores seven Karrots out of Paris on the Concord with a fine broad bottle of wine poured bungalos bundles of ones with O's braodway shows, fly condos sweet as Pendinico, Tiger skins Albino live with Tony Bennet on piano, white lacker combo me and you cat, yo, we can see that, you in the new Spider me inside the navy blue Viper with the pipers, covered in some silk fibers millionaire type of wife to, brighten ta life up got you under the wing maybe run you my name everything one and the same your Daddy Figure who adore you spend for you bend for you hurt up other men for you down to bust around for you stick somebody in the ground for you kid, I'll hold it down for you I'll catch a round for you I'll lounge for you you know the deal, I love you to death just keep it real yo..... Chorus 2X

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