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[Kool G. Rap] Help me doctor doctor cause I'm seein lots of spots I'm thinkin of pink elephants with little polka dots I'm tired, crazy tired, but I can not get no sleep Cause every time I close my eyes I think I'm six feet deep I feel I'm goin slow as hell but everything is speedin Last night I woke up screamin and my bathroom walls were bleedin I thought I fell asleep at work, but then when I awoke I was all alone and had my own hands on my throat Clippings from the newspaper of murders my library Sometimes I get a urge to walk inside a cemetary I looked into a mirror seen a rope around my neck I smoked a lot of cigarettes, cause I'm a nervous wreck Tryin to relax, I ran some water in the tub Vision somebody slaughtered, then the water turned to blood I'm runnin down the hallway tryin to reach an exit door The more and more I run seems like it's further than before Voices sometimes tell me what I won't do, what I will do Voices in my head right now are tellin me to kill you Filled up with anxiety, I went to Lover's Lane Seen a couple kissin, then blew out the brother's brain I feel the world's against me and the women are so dirty I hate women today because my mother used to hurt me I think I'm goin crazy Doc no longer can I hack it Please, doctor please, put me in a straight jacket A lady picked me up hitchikin, what a big mistake Several hours later, there's a body by the lake Walked into a train station, headed towards the back Caught a flashback, and pushed a man right on the track I'm in my darkroom inside my house that is deserted developin the photo of a hoe that I just murdered I took a walk one night because I wanted to get out I stepped outside, I paused, and I was back inside my house Called up PLENTY doctors, told em all about my health My phone just plays a dial tone, I'm talkin to myself Snap back to reality, at least that's what I thought Runnin from the spirits of the bodies I just caught I can't escape this hell I'm in, not even in my dreams I cover both my ears, because I'm sick of hearin screams I been a mental case since I was in the seventh grade Stabbed another student, licked his blood off of my blade I got two personalities inside sometimes they battle When I look at my picture all I see is scribble scrabble I feel I'm really losin it, I need to write to Abby The characters on TV try to reach right out and grab me I always hear somebody talkin bout they gonna do me But I listen again and it's those voices talkin to me You heard of shadowboxin? I see mine and then attack it Please, doctor please, put me in a straight jacket

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