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Versuri She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Love is pain left out in the rain With nothing to gain but teardrop stains Being haunted by a memory as I think back The things we used to do and how we used to act With love and trust, passion and plussed Because a pride never kept things inside yo they was always discussed Between us, never argued about And I never gave a clue for you to figure it out How I miss being blessed with your sweet finesse As we kiss and twist and caress on the mattress Sweet body heat, your heartbeat I'll grip your hips and both of our lips will meet so neat Staring up at the moonlight with someone to hold tight Given a chance for romance until the sunlight Brightens the sky, it reflects in your eye But now, the reflection is gone and I cry out She loves me, she loves me not Yo she loves me (x2) Looking at your picture as it sits on the table As I put on my cable I wish that I was able To touch but it's a shame that you had to go So I watch the hands on the clock go real slow Gone with the wind, is love a sin? If it is then God, then bring it back again Not a girl that you rate as a fine blind date I need a love mate so I can create So I open a window to feel the wind blow Try to figure out how can a love end so Fast and just pass and not even last First grow like grass, then shatter like glass Now I stare at the walls, clock five Tylenols Unplug the telephone to avoid phone calls As I sit and crave for the love she gave But when I wake up, I'm the same love slave Saying She loves me, she loves me not Yo she loves me (x4) When you lost a good friend, dreams seem to end Cause broken hearts and men don't blend So I'm not here to stick every chick I can pick You move too quick, you become seasick And a one-night stand is for the one-track mind man The kind of guy you kick like a can So I race in space and try to replace the pretty face But it's a waste, this chase is a kiddy case Now I whisper how much I missed her My lips should have blistered the way I kissed her So soft and slow, laid back and relaxed And when I move, the groove is as smooth as a sax She kissed me low and then proceeded up Bedsheets heated up, the pace is speeded up Slowly but surely we reach our destiny She got the best of me and left the rest of me Now all I got is total confusion She disappeared and it's not an illusion My life is bitter, the memories glitter I feel like dirt, so please do not litter My heart's deflated, doctors can't rate it I don't know how the hell I made it So farewell sweetheart wherever you are I'll just look at a star, and say yo She loves me, she loves me not Yo she loves me (x4)

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