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From Madam Wong's to Starwood To the Whiskey on the strip You can hear the crashing, blasting strum Of bands that come to be real hip And get a record contract From a talent scout someday They'll sell their ass, their cocks and balls They'll take the check 'n' walk away If they're lucky they'll get famous For a week or two perhaps They'll buy some ugly clothes to wear And hope the business don't collapse Before some stupid magazine Decides they're really good They're a Tinsel Town Rebellion Band From downtown Hollywood Tinsel Town Rebellion, Tinsel Town Rebellion Band It's a little bitty Tinsel Town Rebellion A Tinsel Town Rebellion Band They used to play all kinds of stuff And some of it was nice Some of it was musical But then they took some guy's advice To get a record deal, he said They would have to be more punk Forget their chops and play real dumb Or else they would be sunk So off they go to S.I.R. to learn some stupid riffs And practice all their poses In between their powder sniffs Chop up a line now, snort it up now And when they think they've got it They launch a new career Who gives a fuck if what they play Is somewhat insincere Tinsel Town Rebellion, Tinsel Town Rebellion Band A Tinsel Town Rebellion A Tinsel Town Rebellion Band Did you know that in Tinsel Town the people there Think substance is a bore And if your New Wave group looks good They'll hurry on back for more Of leather groups and plastic groups And groups that look real queer The Tinsel Town aficionados Come to see and not to hear But then again this system works As perfect as a dream It works for all those record company pricks Who come to skim the cream From the cesspools of excitement Where Jim Morrison once stood It's the Tinsel Town Rebellion From downtown Hollywood

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