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Versuri 200 Years Old

Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Captain Beefheart (harp, vocals) George Duke (keyboards, vocals) Napoleon Murphy Brock (saxophone, vocals) Bruce Fowler (trombone) Tom Fowler (bass) Denny Walley (slide guitar, vocals) Chester Thompson (drums) I was sittin' in a breakfast room in Allentown, Pennsylvania, six o'clock in the morning, got up to early, it was a terrible mistake... sittin' there face-to-face with a 75 cent glass of orange juice about as big as my finger and a bowl of horribly foreshortened cornflakes, and I said to myself: This is the life!... She's 200 years old, so mean, she couldn't grow no lips Boy, she'd be in trouble if she tried to grow a mustache She's two hundred years old Squattin' down & pockin' up In front of the juke box just like she had True Religion.. BOY! She's two hundred years old Hoy!, hoy!, in 200 years, half of this, none of that, one.. fifty.. oh squattin', Yeah-ah, ain't she got Oohhh, she got religion now, boy. Oohhhh, ?? ?? ?? Oohhhh, she's just mean, she just, she just can't grow no lips. Squat.. down, so mean she can't grow no lips. 200 years old, so mean she can't grow no lips.

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