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No more credit From the liquor store Suit is all dirty, boy Shoes is all wore Tired and lonely, my Heart is all sore Advance romance I can't stand it no more Told me she loved me I believed what she said Took me for a sucker, boy All corn-fed Next thing I knew She had a bolt on the door Advance romance I can't use it no more She took George's watch Like they always do (It was a Timex, too!) No more money, boy I shoulda knew The way she do me, boy She might do you, too Advance romance People I am through! Potato-head Bobby was a friend of mine Open three of his eyes In the food stamp line Open four of his eyes In the food stamp line Open five of his eyes In the food stamp line Open six of his yes In the food stamp line Said she might be a devil But she sure was fine Advance romance He wanna try it one time Later that night He drop on by Told her all he wanna do Was step up and say "Hi" Half an hour later She had frenched his fry Advance romance Bobby, say good-bye

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