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Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Mark Volman (vocals) Howard Kaylan (vocals) Jim Pons (bass, vocals) Don Preston (keyboards, electronics) Ian Underwood (keyboards, alto saxophone) Aynsley Dunbar (drums) Aaaah... Bidet! Bloooow-job? Bidet! Jambon Bloooow-job? Bidet! Bidet! Bidet!... Blow-job! Blow-job! Blow-job!... Jambon...jambon... ... Thank you Oh thank you, you're really too kind Thank you, thank you so much Thank you, thank you Blow-job Help out, ladies and gentlemen Oui! I bet: oui, oui And now for the next part of our program, I'd like to present, ah...Blow-job! Blow-job! Bidet! Jambon!... Jambon...jambon... Bidet!... I want a garden! I want a garden! I want a garden! I want a nun! I want a nun! I want a burrow in the broad daylight I want a garden! I want a nun! I want a garden! Just like the garden that that asshole came up here on the stage And sang about, three years ago... He came up out of the audience, He said: I want a garden! I want a garden! I wanna water it with my tears... And then Denny Walley said: Oh, you want kindergarten! versuri melodia King Kong cantece muzica straina piesa melodia cuvinte Frank Zappa. Mp3 versuri cuvinte cantece cuvintele.

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