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Versuri Three Minute Boy

Here today Gone this afternoon Another tune We almost remember What's the story Sex and drugs again Business as usual The clock's already ticking La la la la When he was young Staring at the TV He watched the fun Happen to other people Now they scream As they run after him Like a dream Like Elvis and the Beatles A three minute song is all he wrote He only did it for a joke They played him on the radio From Tokyo to Timbuktu A three minute boy, ain't that somethin? They named their children after him The good times rolled beneath his feet He skipped along the one-way street She's a pretty girl She don't know how it started She made a movie He almost remembered She measured up They moved into a basement We're so in love! They giggled to the nation La la la la Three minute millionaire they said The numbers rattled round his head They spun him three times round the globe She waited patiently at home And all the pretty girls wanted him In places that he'd never been Too much love will do you in Forgive Forgive Forgive Forgive Yeah Yeah Ooo Three minute kid is here again Surrounded by three minute friends He found someone to understand To shock the world and hold his hand No religion, no restraint No direction, No complaints No future and No way out No time now to think about it All the moneys gone He don't know what they spent it on Girlfriends gone off with the jag Gone back to her mum and dad He's curled up on the studio floor He just can't do it anymore The flashgun went off without warning He'll read about it tomorrow morning... (She's goin' out with someone new In this week at number two Three minute boy ain't that somethin.)

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