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(Music: Marillion Lyrics: Steve Hogarth) A hundred nights of fun and games A thousand empty glasses I feel it change and stay the same As each day passes They invite me to their gatherings In the finer parts of town They seem attracted to my indifference The irony just knocks me out And I love them as if I love them And they reciprocate with help But I look up at these mirrors sometimes Oh, and I can't see myself They say that some are born to burn And some are born to give They say that people live and learn Some people only live and live You don't know that I come here If you did you would know why So we close our eyes You didn't notice me As I passed you on the stairs How could you ever guess lookin' at my face How closely I share your taste How well I know your place Even the clothes you wear I've seen them when you're not there You say that you can win win win If you know how to play the game But while you're out there playing you see There's something you should know She spends your money She spends your money She spends your money She spends your money on me This town has turned me into what I have become This town dresses you up like a stranger This town hangs around in the doorway and tells me I'm late This town takes us down, takes us down I feel like I'm losing you to this town

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