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(Music: Marillion Lyrics: Steve Hogarth & John Helmer) I think I have become one of the hollow men As I shine on the outside more these days I can feel the outside feeding on my inside 'Leaves a growing darkness in it's place I think I have become one of the hollow men I think I have become one of the lonely Now that everybody talks to me I feel I have become one of the empty Hollow men can stop you with the twinkling of an eye Hollow men can take you without even reaching out Hollow men have got you long before you realise The poison paralyses I think I have become one of a pair of men It's a feeling I've been having for some time I look down upon myself and watch my movements A blind eye sees the fragile vandalised Watch this cold world dishing up these endless hollow men Find us anywhere you look Come and meet our friends Stand us in our silly clothes Put our batteries in Line us up like fairground ducks Watch us grin and grin See the lies behind our eyes ... See the will to win We'll buy you and we'll sell you But perhaps we'll save your skin ... Sit quietly and listen to the breeze ... The hollow and the lonely listen too Sniff the air for something we can use We're thin hard and we rattle when we're shaken

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