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Versuri The Answering Machine

We flew here to see you My feelings and I I looked down on the city From up in the sky The sun was reflecting From the roofs and the water Spring had come early In the parks and the old town I came with a mission To patch up a dream We walked and I talked and my words were absorbed Into the answering machine I came two thousand miles Just to take a look at you But you were broken and frozen A heartbreak of a statue In the bulletproof mirrors where your eyes used to be I stared at myself and I called for some help Into the answering machine The day slipped by and I tried and tried You took me home and you said Goodnight. Sleep tight. On the floor by the bedroom door I watched you sleep and I left before first light The bugs don't bite The bugs don't bite The bugs bite From the land of the frozen To the land of the low We journeyed together But we were always alone So if I should come calling Best not pick up the phone Cause I'm no good for you and you're no good for me Let me talk to the answering machine I can cope with the answering machine I'm a friend of the answering machine

Piesa ultima melodie melodiei Marillion ultima melodie versuri versuri mp3. The Answering Machine cuvintele muzica straina muzica muzica piesa cantece.

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