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(Ron & Russell Mael) Some people love to be alone Some people love to be in railway stations Some people live by bread alone Some people revel in hallucinations Some people always have a comb Step up, step up, and all aboard The scene The floors are shaking The blood is pumping The skin is baking Can you take it, can you take it You look tough, but that's not enough It's the scene Oh no it's not enough Some people live to work all day Some people only live for monkey business Dressed in some Cadillac coupe They go out slumming as they burn their bridges And all the while they act blase Step up, step up, and all aboard (Chorus) Is you is or is you ain't Oh yeah Who's a sinner who's a saint Oh yeah Is you just a little vain Oh yeah Well, shut my mouth we're both the same Is you or is you ain't Oh yeah oh yeah Wanna take a holiday Oh yeah oh yeah To a land that's got no rain Oh yeah oh yeah Then hop aboard that rhythm train End of the story never ends There'll be a world without extended mixes There'll be a world without champagne There'll be a world without those kind of kisses But then this may not ever end Step up, step up and all aboard (Chorus 3x)

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