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Versuri Tarzan and jane

There's a riot in Room 42 It was chemistry, now it's a zoo And they kicked out the teacher, Miss Prune Tuned the heat up to one hundred two Tarzan and Jane Tarzan and Jane Now they're ripping their shirts and their tights Now they're swinging from flourescent lights Look at Bob, he was getting straight A's Who's he carrying 'round on his face Tarzan and Jane Tarzan and Jane Now they've called in the men wearing blue There's a cameraman from Channel 2 On the news at eleven does Edgar Rice Burroughs Get royalties on local news Tarzan and Jane Tarzan and Jane Well, tomorrow at 7:04 As the principal says "shut the door" They'll be 25 Tarzan and 25 Janes And a chimp from Zoology 4 Tarzan and Jane Tarzan and Jane

Cuvintele cuvintele album descarca cuvinte versuri album descarca. Muzica straina versuri Sparks piesa Tarzan and jane melodiei cuvinte.

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