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Versuri Saccharin and the war

(Russel Mael) Fifteen years the bus had waited Before it moved on into the town Eye liner worn by all their girls Through the night the war was fought Each "eye liner" took two small drops Reaction - Elation - Joy, Joy, Joy Every girl took in a doctor The Constitution says: "you must house the men" Each doctor undermined a plot All the weight that was soon lost They erected as a golden cross Remember the weight is no longer here Through the street girls sang The marching bands brought on the rain The Doctors stood by the gold cross One "eye liner" she had an idea She read the Book, the Golden Book It seems another Man had come across a cross Dr. Jones they crucified But, all their weight was returned back Ha, Ha for all the girls now

Saccharin and the war muzica melodia melodiei. Cuvinte versuri Sparks melodiei muzica straina ultima melodie versuri.

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