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Versuri Upstairs

(Ron & Russell Mael) Man there's so much stuff up here A quarter pound of lean ideas Half a pound of dirty jokes One pound of non-essential quotes It's where the dreamin' starts (Upstairs) It's where the jokin' starts (Upstairs) You got some small ideas (Upstairs) You got some big ideas (Upstairs) It's where you calculate It's where you speculate Chorus: Upstairs, Upstairs, why don't you get out of there Upstairs, Upstairs, why don't you get out of there Upstairs, Upstairs, why don't you get out of my head You are low on foreign words Better meet a foreign girl Take a foreign girl upstairs And learn a lot of foreign words A little enchante (Upstairs) A little hey, ole (Upstairs) Ich heisse Billy Boy (Upstairs) A little soya sauce (Upstairs) You got some big ideas You got some big ideas Chorus When you want the art to start You cue the left side and the art will Start to flow and flow and flow And leave a stain on all your carpets Chorus When you want the intellect You cue the right side and you can Collect the Nobel Prize in person Or have someone mail it to you Chorus Crammed with common phobias Still, it's a utopia This is where you kill a guy And you know he's still alive Chorus

Cuvinte versuri muzica straina descarca versuri asculta muzica. Melodia Sparks mp3 piesa asculta cantece cuvintele album versurile album Upstairs

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