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Versuri The Three Bells

There's a village hidden deep in the valley Among the pine trees and forlorn And there on a sunny morning Lil' Jimmy Brown was born So his parents brought him to the chapel When he was only one day old And the priest blessed the little fellow Welcomed him into the fold All the chapel bells were ringing In the little valley town And the song that they were singing Was for baby Jimmy Brown There's a village hidden deep in the valley Beneath the mountains high above And there, twenty years thereafter Jimmy Brown was to meet his love Many friends were gathered in the chapel And many tears of joy were shed In June on a Sunday morning When Jimmy Brown and his bride were wed All the chapel bells were ringing 't was a great day in his life All the songs that they were singing Were for Jimmy and his wife From the village hidden deap in the valley One rainy morning dark and grey A soul wound its way to Heaven Jimmy Brown had passed away Silent people gathered in the chapel To say farewell to their old friend Whose life had been like a flower Budding, blooming 'till the end Just a lonely bell was ringing In the little valley town 't was farewell that it was singing To our good old Jimmy Brown And the little congregation Prayed for guidance from above Lead us not into temptation Make his soul find a salvation Of thy great eternal love Paroles de B. Reisfield Musique de Jean Villard enr. 8 juillet 1950

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