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Versuri A Place In My Heart

(J.P.Ferland / Shaper) 1- I got your letter yesterday From some small town I never knew It told me you were on your way But not where you were going to 2- You said you're following the sun But do you really know for sure For after all is said and done Just what it is you' re looking for 3- There' s a place in my heart I wish that your eyes could see And there' s no one on earth Who loves you as much as me 4- If you just travel on and on Till I don't know where There's a place in my heart You may never find again 5- And so you travel with the wind You' ll find some road to fly along And though your letter says the word Your heart may soon forget the song 6- Then you may someday write the poem That tells your life in words of fire But you will never have a home Or find the love that you desire ( Repeat 3-4-) 7- And so heading for the sea Now that the flowers are in bloom Just when the wild mimosa tree Is like the colour of our room ( Repeat 4 )

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