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Softly the night wind singing Tells me it's bringing my love to me With every breath it's sending Love never ending across the sea My heart and I are trying To keep from crying But we are lonely Fly little bird go winging And please lead him home safely to me REFRAIN Cucurucucu Paloma Cucurucucu Paloma Bring him back to me forever Let us always be together What good is my tomorrow When filled with sorrow just like today I need him here to hold me Here to enfold me, always to stay So little bird please find him And then remind him I am so lonely Fly little bird, go winging And please lead him home safely to me Refrain Cucurucucu Cucurucucu Cucurucucu Let us always be together

Muzica straina Cucurucucu Paloma. Versurile ultima melodie Nana Mouskouri cuvintele asculta versuri cantece piesa asculta versuri mp3 ultima melodie muzica.

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