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Versuri Over And Over

I never dare to reach for the moon I never tought I'd know heaven so soon I couldn't hope to say how I feel The joy in my heart no words can reveal REFRAIN Over and over I whisper your name Over and over I kiss you again I see the light of love in your eyes Love is forever,no more good-byes Now just a memory the tears that I cried Now just a memory the sighs that I sighed Dreams that I cherished all have come true All my tomorrows I give to you Life's summer leaves may turn into gold The love that we share will never grow old Here in your arms no words far away Her in your arms forever I'll stay Refrain twice Nana Mouskouri ultima melodie mp3 cantece asculta versuri Over And Over cantece muzica straina descarca. Versuri melodiei melodia cuvintele.

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