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I wear my ray-bans, driving in the car even on a cloudy day she always says Man!, who d'you think you are? 'cause she don't see it my way we are all sleepwalkers we only see the things we wanna see tunnel visions and there's no end in sight But after all we've been through I know this much to be true though I don't think like you do don't you know that after all all I really need is you I have a game plan, but my love is in a jar it don't come into play she always says Man!, no matter where we are, you're always miles away! we are all sleepwalkers we don't see nothing we don't wanna see we dream in color we paint each other black and white Let's take one step at a time (at a time) let's take each day as we find (as we find) give me the chance to speak my mind don't you know that after all that's all I really need to cross that line We give - the impression that all is well trying to live - all of the lies we tell we cry - when there's no one near we don't know why - there just ain't enough love in these alien years I wear my ray-bans, driving in the car on a cloudy day the wheel in one hand, the other on my heart I'm trying to see it her way though we are all sleepwalkers we only see the things we wanna see I get the feeling maybe there's an end in sight

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