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Sold in silence I never thought I could ever fall so deep now I need to know how you feel and with a kiss I steal the silence from your lips hearts colliding making waves that will echo through the years never thought I would find a love so real and I know this I want the life that love can give now I know what it means a love so rare in years of wasted promises a love to care only love can make some sense of it a love affair and though it's only just begun a love to share when two hearts collide and beat as one now I know you care and I'll provide you with a dream that will never disappear with the words that I know you want to hear without end I've found a love I will defend now you know what I mean (repeat Chorus)

Asculta muzica straina Level 42 album. Melodia descarca descarca ultima melodie melodia muzica ultima melodie asculta album piesa versuri Two Hearts Collide versuri ultima melodie.

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