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Versuri Why Are You Leaving

Tell me why are you leaving when there's no place to go what's this secret you'r keeping you don't want me to know only ...... defending 'Cos the truth stands by itselves It's time for honesty I can see - there's someone else When the dawn breaks tomorow Will your whole life been changed Are you sure all the sorrow won't just flood back again Some strange dream you've been chasing It's just another rainbow's end You wont find it there - not anywhere So why pretend Aahhhaaaahhhaaahhaahhaahaahhaahhahha (roughly) Tell me why are you leaving for the things that you know If it's dreams you believe in Just how far can you go If you leave, what's the answer Perhaps some other side-effect wont you change your mind Take some time - and I'll be there (I'll be there)

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