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oh, baby you've been talking in your sleep I've been lying here listening to a secret you had meant to keep inside of you were you dreaming of his face I can't begin to take it in I even know the time and place like the scene in a film that removes all doubt there's a shot of a man who wakes with a shout as he steps from a dream he figures it out that's me today like the end of a book where the plot unfolds but the lines on the page leave a tale untold of a spy who never came in from the cold that's me today, yeah talking in your sleep talking in your sleep the force of love is sometimes hard to resist but I never thought I'd see the day never thought we'd come to this so angry now and I'm sure you'd feel the same I heard it said you took his bed though you barely knew his name like the boy leaving home with a hole in his heart tries to fill up the void with a brand new start not a day goes by when he's not torn apart that's me today like the way that it looks in a seaside town when the shutters go up and the flags come down and the beaches are bare, no-one around that's me today, yeah talking in your sleep talking in your sleep . . .

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