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[music: C. Claps, S. Duccilli, C. Gallo; lyrics: F. Calluori] In a nameless time when frost enveloped all the lands And the glory of the first reigns had not yet shone Storytellers sing that three gods made a noble promise They swore eternal loyalty [pre-chorus I] Three emblems of stone Sculpted in blinding light Are three parts of the sacred icon The Shield of Might The gods decided to keep it in the land of Eternhill Where there arose a majestic shrine [pre-chorus II] But one of the almighty Betrayed the noble path Uniting the three parts of the icon Breeding chaos and war [chorus] He was broken THE OATH Defying its force - And the power of the gods He was broken THE OATH Uniting its force - Of the three emblems of stone [solo] Beware, noble Sidgar, according to the holy oath - A god can not rise up in arms against another god [solo / repeat chorus]

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