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Versuri The Song Of Sidgar And Iselin

[music: F. Calluori; lyrics: F. Calluori & E. D'Amato] [bridge] I give you this song - To celebrate the love, The sorrow, the courage - Of Sidgar and Iselin Silent alone amoung the ruins he stood - Looking toward the sky Waiting for a new sign to announce a different end - For the mercy of the good gods While the night was fading away - Sigar was bent on his bloodstained sword Scaring the white dawn arising beyond the hills And a night without stars filled his soul Together with the shades of night Sidgar rode away from the Temple of Theil He knew he was condemened to roam Like a burning star - Until he passed the gates That sepearate - Our ways and paths Of the other side nobody ever discovered where he had gone Where his anger had burned When the dark falls you will see Shining the flash of his blade among the stars When winds blow among the ruins You can hear the lament of the warrior For the sacrifice - Of Iselin Her body still lies burried in the Holy Land Awaiting the return of the lonely [chorus] Warriors, thy name will be Carved in the stone - Of eternity Warriors - poets and bards Will sing - for centuries, for centuries For times to come thy pride May i give you this song (I sing glory, honour till the end...) - To immortalise the pride, The honour, the glory - of Sidgar and Iselin [solo / repeat chorus]

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