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Versuri Follow The Signs

[music & lyrics: F. Calluori] Visions and spectres of a dark night Moving like shadows before her eyes She foresaw everything Horrors, groans and tears Are shaking the ground and the seas [pre-chorus] From the battle-fields, war hymns arise And the thirst for blood is beginning Look to the plain, bright troops are fighting for DOMINION, DOMINION... [chorus] It's time to follow the symbols Remember these words Stand by my side It's time to follow the symbols The prophecy is right... FOLLOW THE SIGNS She saw the ravens of the War God Fly in the heavens - Prophets of war She fortold everything Fire, death and steel The sparkling of swords and shields [repeat chorus and pre-chorus] O EVIL MORTALS... Honour doesn't make you fight It's the shadow of thy hate . The dark ghost of madness is filling they hearts The thirst for conquest makes you blind O cruel brothers, so you are attracted - By death and blood [solo / repeat chorus]

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