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Versuri Under The Silent Moon

[Heimdall:] Father, look to these mountains... There is snow, ice everywhere Look to these lakes and the blood river... Their waters are sad and still UNDER THE SILENT MOON... UNDER THE SILENT MOON [Heimdall:] Hear the cry of nature... Night reigns on her black throne All the land is under a terrible spell of eternal frost UNDER THE SILENT MOON... UNDER THE SILENT MOON [Odin:] Brave son, these are the signs - The time of tears and dark is coming Messengers of death and despair - Shadows are seizing our lands It is the time for us to fight - Eternal light calls us to rise

Ultima melodie asculta cantece Heimdall descarca album melodiei versuri piesa. Muzica Under The Silent Moon muzica straina versuri melodia cantece versurile

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