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[music: S. Duccilli, C. Gallo; lyrics: C. Gallo] [Sidgar] Tears take away the torment of my soul And winds take away my desperate song Spirits, sacred messngers of the shame Of an evil lord, take away her proud soul [pre-chorus] I hear the clash of blades Howling screaming for my revenge What are you waiting for, still, 'fore my sword longing for victory [chorus] I bring the fire to the frozen heart I sink my metal sword and THEN NIGHT WILL FALL I hear thy voice while you are falling down Thy helmet slides away and THEN NIGHT WILL FALL In the smoke of the fires and the dust of the duel On you who are my enemy I turn my stare of rage Fearlessness and pride lent force to my strong arm Which the song of the dark made ever more sure [repeat pre-chorus / repeat chorus / solo / repeat chorus]

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