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[Mekong Delta, J. Jenkins] When you'll come back home again Weary from the fight I will nurse your wounds and I'll release you from your weights You must be hungry and There's blood upon your hands So please come in and I will cure your fever Why don't you rest your head You long for warmth I bet You needn't worry of a thing when I'm near (He's the cure) I'm the cure I'm the cure What can just light up your heart When you're in the dark What just makes privation worth What's dearer to a man To see this face again To touch this body and To feel the blood pulsating in your veins Your hunger will be fed For every tear you've shed You'll get the threefold pay in just one long night (He's the cure) I'm the cure I'm the cure

Mekong Delta cantece cuvinte cuvinte muzica. Piesa The Cure melodiei ultima melodie muzica straina cuvintele ultima melodie album cantece cuvinte versuri versuri.

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