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Versuri Days Of Sorrow

[R. Hubert, R. Hubert] Sacrifice the innocent Free the guilty - Where is the sense Nothing certain, nothing left You sleep heavy, dream of death They kill for gods which they say talk to them I've seen some pictures we should show to him Just talking we all know the ones Unable to find solutions No honour, only in the past Remember that your vote is cast, vote is cast My weary eyes weap so full of pain I've seen too much, been too much to complain Promises broken and unfullfilled Taxes rising, can't believe Soon they'll tax the air we breathe Pay for something, pay again We're all victims in the end Maybe they'll kill us for what we believe Or what has happened in past centuries Unable to find solutions Just looking at television We're getting older, waiting for change We did not realize the truth once again Promises broken and unfullfilled

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