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Versuri The Principle Of Doubt

The old bum - over there - holds a sign saving The only way for you to live - never stop trying A little boy - hands a note - over to me The message there - on that note - is simple and clear Don't ever leave the path - you have been walking on Don't ever change - your ways, your ways - of getting alone No chance for you - to escape - from your destination Choose between good and bad - and make your own decision Just be true - to yourself - and things will be coming Don't ever try - to make them, to make them - smile at you For in return they'll turn their back on you A prophecy - that's what I say And you'll find - some day A chosen one - that's what you are Some day you're bound to find your way You will fight - in a world - that don't seem real You'll have to fight in that world - you don't believe in Don't you try to resist for things will be coming Hit by a car - in the streets of deserted town Wake up in dreams wondering - where you're around A voice keeps calling I will be lord of this land I will be ruler of this land No one can stop me anyway This will all be mine some day Run - Run - Run Run but you can't get away - Run but you won't change your fate - Don't try hide away - I'll wait for you some day - And you can't run away Away from your destiny You just can't deny The part you're bound to play

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