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Transgressor I am The one Force of the future Control The new ways are stronger Obey (your) Weakness is (my) power Downfall I'm the transgressor - Predecessor Overstepper - Strong aggressor Put your ways behind you They only have confined you They are the chains that bind you Needn't I remind you I am the tempter Extravagant my ways The worid is my Menagerie Freedom the dream of The weak Knowledge the scheme of The meek Boundaries of this world Behind Apes walking upright Mankind Transgressor born to lead I will satisfy your greed Soon you'll understand The power I command Transgressor the one The process has begun Soon you'll understand The power I command Reality is gone The new weys are strong (Transgress) Transgressor cuvinte muzica ultima melodie Mekong Delta versuri mp3 album ultima melodie muzica straina. versuri versurile.

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