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Versuri The Crossing (OSIYEZA)

(for Dudu) Through all the days that eat away at every breath that I take through all the nights I've lain alone in someone else's dream, awake all the words in truth we have spoken that the wind has blown away it's only you that remains with me clear as the light of day Chorus: O Siyeza, o siyeza , sizofika webaba noma (we are coming, we are coming, we will arrive soon) O siyeza, o siyeza, siyagudle lomhlaba (we are coming, we are coming, we are moving across this earth) Siyawela lapheshaya lulezontaba ezimnyama (we are crossing over those dark mountains) Lapha sobheka phansi konke ukhulupheka (where we will lay down our troubles) A punch drunk man in a downtown bar takes a beating without making a sound through swollen eyes he sways and smiles 'cause noone can put him down inside of him a boy looks up to his father for a sign or an approving eye oh, it's funny how those once so close and now gone can still so affect our lives Chorus Take me now, hold me close don't let go, I'm coming home Chorus

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