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Welcome to my island But please don't you stay too long I wouldn't want anyone to think That something's going on Toe the line And you'll be fine You'll see another day Don't connect, Don't reflect, Just fetch your weekly pay Oh sister don't you feel What I know inside my bones I'll meet you on the underground And we'll make a call on the telephone Chorus: Berlin Wall Can you hear this call For one world, one nation Who can it be banging at my door I can't trust anyone anymore I drink my beer in a state of fear Is tyher no salvation Wire on the gate, Barbs of hate To separate one nation Around your heart A ring of steel I can't get out And I can't get in. One for all, and all for one Is the way it should be Every river I know Is dreaming of the sea My body feels like a prison to me I'd like to fly and touch you With a sacred dream Come on, mama, don't delay I know you think I'm far away I'm only looking for a sign -- Are you ready to cross the line? Chorus....

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