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Versuri Woman Be My Country

Here we stand on the edge of the day Faces melting in the african rain So many seasons of silent war So many drowned before they reached the shore Nothing is clear to me any more in this sad and strange landscape I've got no defense, I've got no attack I can't leave, I can't stay and I've got no way back Hard to deal with the way things have been I can't lie but the truth is so extreme Chorus: Woman be my country, 'till my country can be mine Hide me deep inside your borders in these dark and troubled times Remember me my innocence before I drowned in the sea of lies Woman be my country, 'till my country can be mine Too many seasons of quiet rage Too many young people just wasted away Too many futures hanging in the balance Too much owing nothing left to pay A lonely flag flutters in the breeze for the hardened hearts who still want to believe Am I the witness or am I the crime A victim of history or just a sign of the times Across my heart questions and shadows still fly But in the dead of the night I know where the answer lies Chorus: Woman be my country, 'till my country can be mine I have no flag, I sing no anthem, I no longer carry an armalite Bathe me in you sweet rivers, anoint me with your touch and your smile To your colours I give my allegiance, I lay it on the line Ngikhathele ngifile wena weqat' izwe (I am dead tired of you who causes friction in the land) Ngikhathele ngifile zindaba zakho (I am dead tired of you, and your matters) Yash' imizi yobada (The homes of my fathers are burning) Chorus

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