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Umoya wami onakele kunsela elangena Lapha enhlizweni yami (X2) (My spirits are down, a thief has entered my heart) Laqegeza lathatha uthando lwami lonke, ngasala ngingenalutho (The thief has broken into my heart and taken all my love, and I remain totally empty, I remain with nothing) I remember the summer but not the rain, A memory of fire but not the pain There's a vision in my head of a gun on the bed A message in your eyes which your lips never said: I want your crocodile love. I'm on the runway and I'm ready to fly I know I'm going to find you under the sky Oooh yea, it's a mighty fine day Oooh yea, you are coming my way.... With your crocodile love. I want your crocodile love. Umoya wami onakele nansi inkinga Isingena enhlizweni yami (X2) (My spirits are down, there's a problem that has entered my heart) Inyakaza ngaphakathi ingwenya Ifuna ukungiqeda yami (X2) (I feel it moving inside me, a crocodile, it wants to devour me, I feel it moving inside my heart) I never quite know what you're going to do Heal my soul or cut me through Like a sacrificial lamb Like a green marine in Vietnam If you touch me now I will fly like a bleeding dove Oooh... I want your crocodile love. I'm on the runway, and I'm ready to fly I know I'll meet you under the sky Oh yea, I'll come from above Oh yea, I want your crocodile love... This is not the one This is the one This is not the one....

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