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Versuri Talk To The People

There's a brawl in a lonely whites only bar A lekker groove in a classy shebeen Someone betrayed in a government car A silent movement on the stock market screen A watchman playing on a Zulu guitar A white soldier's blues in camouflage green A migrant worker who's come too far A sailor aground in a submarine Chorus Phendula wendoda (Answer, Mister) Lendlela sizofika kanjani (This way, how will we arrive?) Talk to the people Walk through the country Listen to the children Do you know the dreams they dream at night Only you, only you can see me Only you, only you can free me Only you breathe life into the land Touch me with your healing hand There's a township mongrel on the scrounge A tribal feud in a municipal 'pound A squatter with an ox but no land to plough A shipment of A.K.s on the underground A throw of the dice on a Soweto train A waiting knife if you should win the game A human rights lawyer with a torture claim A union activitist never ever seen again Chorus Phendula wemadoda (Give the answer...) Talk to me God hear the children God save the country God hear the people God bless the dreams they dream at night Chorus

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