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Take Off Lyrics {*airline stewardess making announcements*} [Bubba Sparxxx] I can't forget the bumps on the road to Heartsville And I'm scared to fly but surely Bubba Sparxxx will Shit and I ain't slept, in a month of Sundays Still I'm wide awake as we coast out on the runway And now the captain says I'm number one for take off But Timmy I'm too weak all this starvin led to weight loss Fear turns to adrenaline as life accelerates I'm headed to my destiny, how long you guess it takes - to get there? The in flight movie today is Gladiator But I can't afford the headphones, it's cool, I'll catch it later I'm cramped between two dudes, one from each coast Yet we all agree a safe flight is what we need most Hey stewardess, I can't handle all this turbulence The ride's gettin bumpy and that shit don't help my nervousness Now they fin' to serve the meal, I think I'll go with steak Every fuckin choice is crucial and we all know the breaks, in this game I barely even noticed but we covered every state Plus I'm slowly turnin from feather to heavyweight - it's about time I need to take a piss but I'm still scared to get up Please Lord protect those up in this air with us The captain just started our approach into the sunset I've flown a million miles but the shit still ain't fun yet When this journey is complete, you'll know by my reaction Tears of jubilation as I'm landin back in Athens - thank you Lord

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