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Deliverance Lyrics [Chorus] I've been travelin for some time (echo) With my fishin pole and my bottle of shine (echo) On these long dark dusty roads (echo) Lookin there's nowhere to go I guess I gotta hide away, far away Cause I gotta find a way, to find my way I gotta hide away, far away Cause I gotta find a way, to find my way Ay-ay-ay ay-ay-ay aaay [Verse 1: Bubba Sparxxx] I left off of mama's with my thumb in the wind The leaves on the ground, winter's comin again Solid on the surface as I crumble within But legends are made out of honorable men So on the brink of death I still manage livin life Cause so rarely in this world are these chances given twice I indeed sold my soul, without glancing at the price No instructions when I was handed this device But with what I did get, I was more than generous Put others over self on several instances But I'm back on my feet without a hint of bitterness And one way or another I shall have deliverance So I say [Chorus] [Verse 2: Bubba Sparxxx] Can you recall a time people loved you unconditionally? Toast in the new south, this one is for history Then I slipped fell and caused the number's injury Called the same people and it's yo you just missed them B This the formula, dammit Bubba you had it Why'd you have to keep it Polo and New Balance? Then they start to question whether you a true talent Or just a redneck substance abuse addict So then you hide away just to try to find your way And now they back to callin you 200 times a day I want all y'all to know, good or bad I'll remember it And 10 million sold in the name of my deliverance [Chorus] [Verse 3: Bubba Sparxxx] Nothing could atone for the pain you've endured The blood you shed is still stained in your valor You took your wealth and knowledge and gave it to the poor Only to discover that your savior's manure Accepted me as kin, put before your younger brother They put a lot on us hardly knowin one another I honestly can say that over time I've come to love you Now we are brothers and together no one can touch us It hauls me with regret I never met your baby girl She's an angel on your shoulder helpin us to save the world This musical marriage is no coincedence So my mama to me baby we shall have deliverance So we say [Chorus]

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