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Intro Lyrics Optimisum, about the faith of the people that have accepted of the mission of improbable, to become some particle, perged by the discouage of suffering, anger, hate, religions and war, Its tought to explain, debate, or even explore, but I die straight to the core, And explosion of intrespect so quiet, he can definalty, yet he can breath into the sins lounges into the most rempered thugg, Tis a bull that has been thorugh the mudd with a point of the head of a heavy weight, from the cold detail of the hot reality of the butcher trap. to the grand Negro's flights of fancy from the astract mind of a hip hop super nerd, as long as the truth is heard, The truth must be spoken, my youth has been smokin and drankin, drankin and smokin, a life like that may seem right, but that aint what the seem like, we aint tight unless yall tight, might bless me and all types, the goal is for all growns to be sat upon by ture Kings All pretenders must fall into the phantoms of they own character fall, But as long as we attempt to tell ourselves, WE ARE NOT FREE All in once say it, Bubba K now, Here to doubt, Wheres today? On the Grey Hound, sittin in the back on top close to 8 pounds, Run for a inniocent town that I can shake down, Passed the Mississip, I swim in the great lakes now, Made it this far, but I still cant escape now, Law ran in, Back in the A town, and all im worth is all that aint found, My brother in Denver used to do a lil dirt, Maybe move with him, I can do a lil work, Cant produce a walk, I do a lil smirk Shop at Wal-Mart, I do shoes and a shirt, Tried to call mama, She denied the call, She aint smoke the sh**, I provide for yall Try to doze of with PM Tylenol, Jus move a lil piece, cant smile it off, Yall aint free, Not yet free, Not yet free, Not yet free Continue'n my voyage, In the Coldoraldo, Cant live life with my Doraldo, This pill is hard for you to swallow, This pig sh** in which for you to wallow, Im posted up here, atleast until tomorrow, Get a pund of Buffalo Nik's that U can swallow Only thing im holdin is Pain, You can borrow, a whole pocket of change, For your sorrow, Lotta Kat'z busted, but they cant find the hop, That hustlin game gotta stop, On the open road, now is not the time to flock, The buzz is formulating, Now it the time for Jimmy time to drop

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