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My Tone Lyrics [Chorus - Male voice (background singer)] My tone (Tell me do you love it) My southern slang (Tell me do you love it) I'm sorry girl (Tell me do you love it), OW! (Tell me do you love it) Gettin jazzy (Tell me do you love it) I'm so jazzy baby (Tell me do you love it) Gettin jazzy (Tell me do you love it) OW! (Tell me do you love it), c'mon [Verse 1] Yeah, I'll be damned if I ain't the slick son gun y'all seen Walkin like a swallowed up the pharmacy at Walgreens Never did I love her, sorry baby it was all clean Who you think you dealin with?, this Jimmy Mathis' offspring Forty I was deep on the eighty I was there knock it out put on my boots and get the hell up out of there You know a rapper's rule, in and out before the snare And as far as parting shots, wash that shit up out your hair (OH) Stob block, Cobb block, Dodge Ram, got Knox six twelves, four amps, three sluts, what's hot I told ya once hot shot, you done braggin too hot Reach inside that tool box, there is when the feud stops [Chorus] [Verse 2] Papa was a Rolling Stone, but I'm a ballin boulder And I ain't gotta flex the chain, or hit the mall to show ya I just hibernate a while and call ya when it's over Don't know where I'm headed but it's pretty far from sober Yeah I fucked up in life, but wouldn't start it over Cause momma said that God said he got a party for ya And I'm a give ya lord, every beat a heart I owe ya It sounds a bit cliche but Bubba Sparxxx a soldier (OW) What you know about balin hay in that South Georgia heat Very few roads are paved, still I do it for the streets There's a heap a shit to lose, but there's even more to keep If you feelin froggy baby, better look before you leap [Chorus] [Verse 3] Baby it's the tone, that got me gettin 'Georgia Dome' Like Shondon, with that Steven on the phone Or maybe it's the slang, that got me gettin down my brains on the plane, met this chick in Fort Mayne And you certaintly can blame the jazziest persona But it's classy broad that get trashy in the sauna Bubba's just the slickest, how else is there to word it I'll just plead my case, and then let y'all unveil the verdict [Chorus] versuri cuvintele versurile My tone asculta versuri album muzica straina melodia asculta. Versurile Bubba Sparxxx melodia cuvinte.

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