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Versuri Take Me

He came walking through fire I saw him walk on water too A kind of living wire he's not like me and you... yeah, true You can't demand reaction He just holds the line To get his satisfaction, It's only a matter of time A matter of time No more, lonely figures in the night Gotta find a way to break out free, yeah! Why don't you Take me, take me, take me to the wall of the big emotion Take me, take me so I can see The mirrors of destiny He just gotta snap his fingers And everything's just there around Be careful, never hide The sun before his eyes, before his eyes No more lonely creatures in the night Gotta find a way to break out free, yeah! Why don't you...

Cuvinte melodia Take Me piesa. Versuri muzica straina descarca Gotthard mp3 cuvintele asculta versurile asculta versuri.

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