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Versuri Father Is That Enough

You Came Into My Life,...Boy I Didn't Find The Words To Let You Know We Were Like Strangers , Heaven Knows With A Many Ways To Go But It's Over Now, Right Before We Started It's All Over Now , It's Weather Blown Away No , You Don't Need No Sacrifice Nor Hide The Risin' Sun Made A Million, Got It All Father , Is That Enough ? Remember I Was Lonely I Was Nowhere Couldn't Stand The Pain I Wore And Yeah , I Keep Learning Live Is Livin' So Much More Than Words Can Say But It's Over Now , No Gambling With My Soul It's All Over Now , I Found My Way To Go

Father Is That Enough mp3 piesa versurile versuri versuri cuvinte. Versurile melodia piesa asculta muzica straina ultima melodie cuvintele melodiei Gotthard asculta album.

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