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Versuri Love, A Soul Matter

You can go to the east, go to the west there are so many ways to find happiness there is so much to take, so much to give so many trails and so many tricks And you're gonna be wrong, you're gonna be right someday you'll be down some you'll be up but whatever you do whatever you say there's only one thing that can show you the way Love, a soul matter, our heaven on earth Love, forever, wherever you go You can live without clothes on top of a hill don't care about money and do what you will or live in a castle, diamonds and gold you still won't be happy if you can't find love We all have our dreams that we keep in our hearts some may come true and some may fall apart sunshine and rain, that's what it's all about live as you like but don't live without Love, a soul matter, our heaven on earth Love, forever, wherever you go Look to the east, Look to the west look all around to find happiness brothers and sisters, all over the world lets get together, let it be love

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