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I've been waiting all my life For the sun to make it mine Calling, calling, whispering your name And right now... you're on my trail Falling, falling, wishing you near But somehow... you slipped away Like ice in the sun... Already gone [Ref] : One life, one soul Forever I know Follow me, follow me Wherever I go... One life, one soul Just waiting to flow Follow me, follow me Don't let me go... I've been dreaming for too long Chasing rainbows on my own Screaming, screaming You are the wind in my sail In an ocean so wide Over good times, bad times I'll be your own guiding light Holding your hand Eyes open wide... Always beside... [Ref]: ... cantece melodiei versurile melodia piesa. Cuvintele versuri Gotthard descarca cuvintele muzica straina album ultima melodie versurile One life, one soul versuri.

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