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Sylvestre Matuschka Sylvestre Matuschka One more Buried nugget Of the dark history Of the darkest side of man Austria, 1931 Hungarian hero-World War I Businessman Family man Idealist? Or just plain mad? To him, life must be a smash He blew up trestles and railroad tracks So he could masturbate While watching trains wreck It's a message from God It's a message from God It's a message from God It is my duty Dynamite End of the line Screeching metal Injured cries Bombs explode Up through my spine I squeeze I pump I...spray! Six years, Vienna jail Shipped to Hungary, then in World War II Released, 'cos the army needs Experts for demolition teams Som sy that's how he died Was he in Korea? No one knows Have any trains wiped out Near a nursing home in your town? It is a message from God Those with eyes shall see Those with ears shall hear A prophecy To the enemy The world shall belong To the children I've done my duty So all you sexually totalitarian born-again And blue-nosey horney toads Remember this: No matter how many books you bn No matter how many records you burn The seeds of fertile fetishes Are planted at an early age And some where out there Some one amongst you May at this very moment LUST For derailing trains

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