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Lotta good that P.H.D. did me Stuck... grocery store security Cigar store Indian Fake badge authority Nothing ever happens here Hark! Camera, aisle 5 Dude with hair sprayed on Pocketing razors Pantyhose... why not? Can opener and creme corn - what?!?! Mangoat Too hairy Must shave And warn others No foam All alone Gorilla hair Must go Creme corn Creme corn Yep Poor Kaw-liga Never got his kiss No one-way mirrors To lurk behind as you undress Aye- He's headed for the back Singing, The hills are alive... With the sound of music- Yonder, Lady screams Mangoat In my stall Make him stop He'll shave us all Hair off his back Round the room it flies Inquiring minds Wanna know why Creme Corn Creme Corn Why Mangoat Come out of that bathroom We have you surrounded Mangoat Clean up your hairy mess Give up that frothy chew toy You're under arrest Come out with cloven hooves Above your mossy head Bite one more officer You'll trade that rag for lead Creme Corn Creme Corn Creme Corn Creme Corn Why?

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