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Here today, gone tomorrow Don't need my self remembered But what I help create and leave behind Is important to me To dent the comfortably numb With constructive satire Make my life one big prank On a society I hate all that we are when we're on a stage Is Vaudeville jester for a day As an old proverb sys If every fool wore a crown, we should all be king My license to make fun of everyone Comes from knowing the biggest joke of all Read a heaadline the other day Clown dies from a pie in the face Can't be on stage all the time The public image could swallow my life Living up to your own myth's no fun Drives our best talents nuts CHORUS Bozo skeleton Bozo skeleton Bozo skeleton Where can I go to be me? Washington Stepford wives Think we'd be Stepford children If they could do away With the music we love the most Lyrics warp your children's minds Just a minute now, that's our job Your worst enemy's your own kids Don't talk with them, buy our lies instead Don't wanna hear Lee Atwater sing the blues Got a right to sing my way too Gagging those who tell it like it is Won't make the problems go way C'mon get the skeletons out of the closet We're all clowns in one form or another If we weren't hung up minding people's private lives We might not be so afraid of ourselves All kinds of drugs get fed into our heads Who are you to legislate what's best Never heard my music or read all the words Is it my heart they want to ban CHORUS

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