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You never know When it says you gotta go Hellfudge To them cheap motels down in Baton Rouge Hellfudge Roll down the window of the limousine Hellfudge I'll pay you fifteen bucks if you perform for me (No more) Hellfudge I ain't givin' you one penny more Gotta buy another TV station for the Lord Hellfudge Can you imagine what it's like To have to flash and pose Hellfudge While a fat preacher Sits and beats off in front of you Hellfudge Same one who's so obsessed with With anti-smut crusades (fancy that) Hellfudge Oh Lord, Someone let the air out of my tires Hellfudge I'm stuck-with my pants down Red handed in sin But with money like mine The Lord always forgives me When I'm dictator You will ALL Be under the iron thumb of Jeezus The law of the land Executions for witchcraft Televised live at five All Rock and Roll is pornography That mixed coed swimming-phooey I tell ya It promotes problems of the flesh Problems of the flesh The flesh The flesh The flesh I can't stand it anymore My fundamentalist army's Crackin' down full swirl Hellfudge Polyester suit nazis Will control the world Hellfudge If you think Khomeini Is a step back in time Hellfudge Just wait til I decide What you read and who dies Hellfudge You think we're finished Boy, you must be queer We get a little stronger Every year When I bilk your money I'm moral, man But I got a little problem I just can't say no To that Hellfudge So take off them clothes Slowly now, slowly And twitch your little flounder just like that Yehhhh, Just like they do In all the smut rags I pretend to hate so much Bite down real hard Smile slut I own you, Look humiliated, try to cry I despise you so much I hate myself Mmmmmm Tastes almost as good As one of them green bubblegum cigars Yeh! Hellfudge There's a whole lotta Shakin' goin' on in here But don't tell my cousin, ok Yeeeeh Great Balls 'o' Fire Hellfudge

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